Why not consider having our amazing husky demonstration team at your next show or fair? Our performance is a fun and suspenseful display of six sled dogs attached to our dryland buggy, who can easily pull over 400kgs (more than three times their own body weight!) Our dogs love to wow their audiences with their strength, determination, excitement and intelligence. The dogs thrive on crowd involvement, making our display highly interactive.

Our performance is not only exciting but also educational, as we explain how a sled dog team works by comparing the different roles of each dog. We briefly outline the origins of the breed and emphasise that they are MADE for this sport and love to do it. We then talk about our dogs and how the majority have been rescued from pounds and shelters, due to the fact that this breed has such a high energy and many people buy them without first considering if they can properly care for them.

Our performance starts with two dogs entering the stage. During this time, we describe the characteristics of a lead dog, showing how they respond to commands and directional training.  We also try to display the trusting relationship between a musher and their dogs, explaining why this is essential. The lead dogs then become hooked up to the dryland buggy and are told to stand while the next two dogs enter the arena. The last dogs arrive as the buggy is loaded with 200kgs of dog food. This is a perfect opportunity for a sponsor to get involved by supplying branded bags of dog food! We then ask the crowd to get the dogs excited, as the more excited the crowd gets, the more excited the dogs are! We do a mock pull and then stop, telling the audience that it is far too easy for the dogs. We then ask for a few mini-mushers (with the permission of their parents) to come and sit on the buggy to add more weight. This brings the total amount pulled to over 400kg. We then get the crowd cheering again and finish the pull. 

The dogs will be howling with excitement to pull. This is why people love seeing the dogs in action. Seeing the husky’s passion, drive and love of pulling gives the spectators a whole new appreciation for the sport and for the breed. Once the pull is finished, we invite the audience to thank the dogs and meet a sled dog team. They are often surprised by the gentle nature of the dogs.

Our performance can last from 15 minutes to one hour depending on your requirements and timeframe. We can perform on all surfaces except deep sand. We can modify our performance to almost any space, but it’s most impressive with a larger stage so that the audience can see a longer pull.

If you are interested in booking the Howling Husky Demo Team for your event, please send an email to events@howlinghuskys.com.au with your requirements and we will tailor a quote to suit your needs.