Dog sledding at Mount Baw Baw is unlike any dog sled experience you’ve had before! We offer up to six different types of tours, from half hour snow dashes to five hour adventures winding through the mazes of wilderness back country trails. So whether this is your first time to the snow or you’re a repeat visitor, you’re guaranteed to experience something new each and every time.

However, dog sledding won’t be your only highlight at the snow. Mount Baw Baw also offers plenty of other snow activities, including Powder Pup snowshoeing, tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing - and enough snow to make any dog a snow dog! 

After a great day in the snow, Mount Baw Baw has plenty of warm restaurants and cosy accommodation to relax and unwind in. A day trip to the snow is a great idea for the family, as it’s only three hours away from Melbourne's CBD. We can’t wait to see you this winter season when you visit Australia’s own winter wonderland - no need to go overseas!

Our tours run from June to August.

Please note: 
there is a combined weight limit of 160kg for all sled tours.

Please note: Our tours are run as informative, enjoyable and scenic activities. Although our dogs are amazing at what they do, we train them as freight-pulling dogs - not racing dogs. This means they’re extremely fit and extremely strong, but not extremely fast. We DO NOT offer adrenaline rides.



Dog Sled Dash Tour
30 minutes


Come jump in a sled with a team of Howling Huskys for a tour you'll never forget! Named after the famous Mount Baw Baw ‘Dog Sled Dash’ dog race, this tour will take you for a dash around the Latrobe trail with one of our experienced mushers and a team of eight huskies. Along the way, you’ll learn about your team, their jobs and the equipment we use. Finish the experience off by meeting your team and giving them lots of pats and cuddles to say thank you (as well as taking photos). This one is great for the kids!

Approximately 15 minutes in the sled, followed by 15 minutes of pictures, pats and cuddles.
$185 for two people riding together

$150 for two children riding together or one adult



45 Minutes

Hear the energy and excitement of the dogs build as they prepare to take your family on the adventure of a lifetime! Jump in the sled and learn about your team of Howling Huskys, as our experienced musher educates you on their positions and the equipment we use. Along the way, you can take in the amazing scenery of Australia’s own winter wonderland and complete your tour with cuddles, pats and lots of photos. This tour is great for all ages!

Approximately 15 minutes in the sled for each trip, followed by 15 minutes of pictures, pats and cuddles. 
$320.00 for one family with two adults and two children.
This tour is split between two rides (one adult and one child in each sled). Children are 3 to 13 years of age.


Baw Baw Back Country Tour
one Hour and 15 Minutes

Come along on our Back Country tour and be amazed by the strength and stamina of your husky team. You’ll be out on the trail for an hour getting to know your team, as they take you through Mount Baw Baw’s beautiful scenery of snow gums and open plateaus. You’ll hear nothing but the pitter patter of paws (and your musher’s commands) as you make your way through the absolute peacefulness. If you’re feeling up to it, your musher might even let you have a go on the back of the sled! Finish the experience by thanking your team with lots of pats and cuddles, as well as taking some seriously fluffy selfies with the huskies.

Approximately one hour in the sled, followed by 15 minutes of pictures, pat, cuddles and questions.
$485 for two people riding together
$455 for one person riding alone



Summit Sunset Tour
one Hour and 30 Minutes


Your journey begins as you snuggle into the sled just before dusk, so that your team of Howling Huskys can take you on an experience like no other in Australia! Sit back and relax as your large team begins the climb to the summit of Mount Baw Baw. Once at the summit, you can take a break to meet the team and be overwhelmed by the breathtaking views of the surrounding Baw Baw National Park. Learn about the dogs, their positions and the equipment we use. As you continue along the winter wonderland trail, you’ll come to a stunning vista, where your musher will leave you to enjoy a complimentary wine or hot chocolate as you watch the sunset… or of course, you might like to invite your husky team to join you as well!

Approximately one to one and a half hours
$750 for two people riding together
$650 for one person riding alone



Spirit of a Sled Dog Tour
four to five Hours

This is officially the longest commercial dog sled tour in Australia - and it is a sight to behold! You are in for a howling good time as your guide and  husky team take you to the summit of Mount Baw Baw and beyond on this half day tour. We start with excited and energetic dogs, as they love to run in the chilly morning air. If you wish, you can brave the task of learning how to harness your team and what positions each dog runs in - then hop in the sled and the real fun begins! First, we head up the long hike to the summit of Mount Baw Baw, where your musher will tell you a little about your team, the equipment and the husky breed. You’ll enjoy the amazing open vistas, before descending through the labyrinth of snow gums towards the back end of the mountain. Now, it’s your turn to take control of the sled, so jump on and hang in there! After all that excitement, we stop to enjoy the amazing views with a campfire lunch and a hot drink while warming our toes by the toasty open fire. Before long, the dogs will start to tell us that it's time for the home run. Once we’re back at base, take the time to thank your team for the day out with lots of love, cuddles, pats… and selfies!

Please note: We need plenty of notice if you're wanting this tour, so that we can make sure we have a whole team booked out for the day. We recommend four weeks’ notice to ensure availability.

Approximately four to five hours
$1250 for two people riding together
$1100 for one person riding alone



Powder Pup Snowshoe Tour

Hunter walking tour.jpg

This tour is a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of a retired sled dog. Howling Huskys is a forever family, meaning that we do not rehome our retired sled dogs - we just change their jobs! So pop a pair of snow shoes on and let out senior dogs show you the stunning beauty of their favourite trails. As you journey into the trees with only the sound of crunching snow beneath your feet, your experienced guide will show you the fun that we have keeping our retired dogs fit, happy and healthy. This tour is great for all ages, as well as for our dogs, as it keeps their minds sharp and healthy. So make some snow angels, play catch with a snowball or just embrace the gentle nature of these dogs while taking in the views.

Please note: Children under the age of 13 cannot walk a dog. The minimum charge for a Powder Pup Snowshoe Tour is two adults - maximum group size is eight people. Tour availability is limited, so please book ahead with as much notice as possible.

One Hour Tour
Available all day
$75 per adult, $50 per child
Up to 45 minutes walking and then 15 to 30 minutes patting and playing with the dogs.

Two Hour Sunset Tour
Leaves at 4 p.m.
$175 per adult
One and a half hours walking, and a 15 to 30 minute break at the summit.


Sherpa on Big Hill


Snowmobile tours


Another seriously exciting way to get amongst the snow gums and out to the Baw Baw back country (or maybe even up to the summit) is on our Sherpa snowmobile tours!

Let us drive you on our snowmobiles to see the beautiful sites of Mount Baw Baw. This is a must-do for any visitor to the snow!

Please note, for all snowmobile tours, you are a passenger. You do not drive the snowmobile at any point.