The aim of our Mini Mushers program is to provide an exciting educational experience for children, with an emphasis on the concept of ‘dogs with jobs’.

All dogs were originally bred with their own unique purpose. From the little Jack Russell Terrier who was bred for fox hunting, to the giant Irish Wolfhound who was bred for hunting and guarding - every dog has a purpose. We start with a brief discussion on working environments for a variety of common dog breeds and how important they are to people. We then turn our discussion to the Siberian Husky (the original working dog), discussing their lineage and how important they were (and still are) to the lifestyle of the people in the area that they originated from. This is followed by talking about the development of the sport of dog sledding. We end our discussion with an inspirational message focusing on the fact that any dog is capable of doing any job - or, in human terms, we can be anything we want to be!

It is then time for a demonstration of our sled dogs doing their job! Watch their excitement and drive to do the job they were bred for. We talk about how they inspire us to put passion and heart into the things that we love. We talk about teamwork and how the dogs all work together and how each dog has an individual and important job that contributes to the team. We talk about the equipment that we use and how it has been developed with the dog's safety in mind. Before our audience meets the team, we then go through our dog safety talk to ensure everybody knows how to properly approach a dog they don’t know.

It is then time to meet the team!

Sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • First Dog Safety Lecture

  • A meet and greet with a sled dog team and photo opportunity

  • A display of the team running using commands, brakes and steering

  • A talk on the positions on the team, the commands, equipment used and history of the sport, as well as the importance of dog sledding in Australia and overseas.

  • Question and answer session

Please contact us for a tailored quote for your event. This program is available from October to May only.